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Teeth Extraction / Minor Surgical Procedures

Tooth Extractions – This type of minor oral surgery is done for teeth that have been damaged beyond repair, that no other dental treatment can save it (or improve its conditions). A surgical tooth extraction can also be done in cases when the removal of a tooth (or several teeth) is needed as a preparation for an orthodontic treatment so that the teeth can properly move into their desired position without overcrowding issues.

Dental Implant Treatment –  Dental Implant are surgically embedded into the jaw bone to replace the form an  I  function of missing natural teeth. Using a dental drill, the dentist will make a hole through the gums and the jaw bone; the resulting hole is where the implant will be embedded to form a secure base where the dental restoration will be attached to.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – A wisdom tooth extraction is needed to remove a tooth that has not fully grown out from under that gum line, or is impacted. Problems with an impacted wisdom tooth include a great deal of pain, difficulties in cleaning the affected toot, and improper tooth eruption especially when the tooth moves sideways and against surrounding teeth. The surgical procedure will involve making an incision on the gums, to gain access to the impacted tooth.

Endodontic Retreatment – Also called a repeat root canal treatment, an endodontic retreatment is done on a tooth that has already been treated previously with a root canal procedure. This minor oral surgery is needed in cases when the first root canal treatment has failed, and the former symptoms (Infection, dental abscess, or pain) come back.

TMJ Disorder Treatment – Minor oral surgery is needed for the treatment of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders which cannot be improved with medications, exercise, splints or physical therapy. The surgical procedure is done on the jaw area, just like in the case when a specific jaw joint has been found to be suffering from TMJ Problem.

Apicetomy – a surgical procedure that places a filling in the end of the tooth root and removes any infection from around the tip. The aim is to contain any bacteria that may be remaining within the canal system.

Dental Centre

Tripti Apts, Behind Hotel Guru,
102/25, Marshalls Road, Egmore,
Chennai - 600 008.

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