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Few people manage to reach old age without losing some or all of their teeth. In fact, many people regard tooth loss as part of the aging process, but this certainly not the case and with proper care, your teeth should be yours for life.

Gum Disease – What is it?

Periodontal disease, the proper name for gum disease, covers a variety of conditions from slight bleeding of the gums on brushing, to grossly infected gums.

Is it a problem?

Yes, Gum Disease is frequently seen in childhood and adolescence. It can be cured at this stage. Unfortunately, many people take no notice of swollen and bleeding gum and treatment is often very difficult if the condition is ignored for a number of years. Most people suffer from gum disease at some stage in life. Its incidence in India is almost 100% in adults. Gum Disease is often a cause of bad breath and can lead to an unattractive appearance of teeth and gums, and eventual tooth loss.

What Case Gum Disease?


Plaque is the name given to a sticky film which is composed mainly of bacteria. It is difficult to see and forms on the teeth all the time, particularly where teeth and gums meet.

The bacteria produce chemicals which irritate the gums and cause inflammation. An early sign of gum disease is red. Swollen gums which bleed when the teeth are brushed. In the early stages, the disease can be controlled. If the warning signs are ignored, the inflammation can spread around the tooth and down to the roots and eventually the gums recede. The bone supporting the tooth is then gradually destroyed, the tooth becomes loose and may have to be extracted.

Can gum disease be cured?

YES, in the early stages of the disease, by regular and thorough brushing to remove all the plague. All the surfaces of the teeth must be cleaned properly, particularly at the edges of the gums were plaque accumulates most readily, Tooth Brushing takes times – a quick scrub won’t be of much use. Look in the mirror and make sure you brush each tooth to remove the plaque. Dental Floss may also be used to clean in between the teeth; your dentist will show you how to use this.

In what way can the dentist help?

Your dentist will show you how to look after your teeth and will scale and polish them for you. Plaque builds up and becomes hard, so scaling is the only way to remove it. Regular scaling and polishing will help to control gum disease.


Prevent gum disease by regular and thorough brushing. Spend at least two minutes, brushing, at least once a day. Careful brushing will keep your gums healthy and can help you keep your teeth for life.


It is better to clean your teeth well once a day, rather than ineffectually three times a day.

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